All Systems Go for Launch – Dawn Tomorrow

The short term weather forecast, while not perfect, looks like it might allow a launch tomorrow.  At 6:15 AM Mountain Standard Time, I’ll wake up and look outside.  If conditions are clear and calm, I will start the launch sequence.  If not, I will go back to bed.

Either way, I will post the results here on the blog.  Before you drive out to the launch site tomorrow morning, be sure to check and make sure the launch is actually going to happen.  Otherwise, no one will be there!


Anyone is welcome to come.

Place:  Where San Lorenzo wash crosses the low flow channel.

Latitude:  34.227576

Longitude:  -106.899946

Time:  Dawn (~7:15 AM) on Thursday, December 28.

Also, follow us on twitter:  @bovineaerospace.  We’ll be posting the tracking data on that feed.

Bring warm clothes!

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