Anyone seen a red lunch box with cameras attached?

Catastrophe!  Yesterday, while launching a hydrogen balloon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, our satellite tracker fell out of the payload.  The camera box, however, cheerfully continued its ascent into the wild blue yonder.  The result?  There is a red lunch box with three cameras in it somewhere in North Carolina.

Detailed description of payload as it will appear on the ground:

Shreds of mylar and a balloon nozzle, followed by a 40′ string, then a plastic parachute (may look like a plastic bag from far away).  Another length of string approximately 10′ long, followed by a red lunch box with “Solar Balloon Payload” and my phone number written on it.  The lunch box has three cameras, one pointing down, one pointing out the side, and a smaller one pointing up.  A milk jug with a sticker saying “Soleil Multimedia” may also still be attached.

The projected landing zone was in north/northwest Harnett County.  I believe that is reasonably accurate.  So our payload, with spectacular footage, is somewhere out there.  I want it back.

Here’s a couple of potential flight trajectories:

Trajectory 1

Trajectory 2

Trajectory 3

If you have any information or know anyone in the region who might be able to help, please contact us.

2 thoughts on “Anyone seen a red lunch box with cameras attached?

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